Chi Siamo

The "Rite Soft Air" was founded in 2007 by the great passion for the world of airsoft Diego Di Rito. Starting from a small town in Abruzzo, our seriousness, professionalism and our services, have led us to move in Montesilvano (PE), where he still carry out commercial activity.

The "Rite Soft Air" is proposed as a reference point for all softgunner looking for quality, service, support, and not least, to know they can talk to the softgunner prepared (over 10 years of experience) and always available.

In 2008, the desire to grow, pushes Diego to undertake a long journey together, and in collaboration with the Magic Box, which today, with pride, we are the only official laboratory in Italy authorized to perform the so famous and reliable Magic Box processing , fruit of the work and teachings of Master Sau Fan (TOT). This allows us to clearly establish ourselves in the panorama of Italian softair: our jobs, scattered throughout the different regions, there have been countless more !!

The career of Diego stops certainly not here, after a long period of study, travel and collaborations with international companies, in June 2012 became the FIRST TECHNICAL CERTIFICATE IN THE WORLD for VFC companies (Vega Force Company) and G & G (Guay and Guay ).

These awards increase every day more 'seriousness' and the level of preparation of the shop which today boasts of being one of the most' professional in Italy.

the certificate delivered by Mr. Liao (owner G & G)

Certificate from Mr. Vega delivery (owner VFC)

Diego during training in G & G


Diego during training in VFC.

The current staff consists Diego and Alexandra.

Diego, technical VFC certificate, G & G and Magic Box, which specializes in processing and customization of all kinds, is at your disposal for any technical information, also potr & `advise you on your equipment given the decades of experience on the fields and in all types of games, from simple to the most difficult game Mil.Sim.

Alessandra, in charge of the sale, is always ready to advise and guide you with absolute transparency the right choice during your purchases. Will answer your questions on line and you look after your orders, always in the shortest time possible, offering careful pre and post sales support.

Leafing through the pages of our site, you will find a wide range of products, many tested directly in the field, at competitive prices, and for every need.

We are employees of NSA Italy for Airsoft field.

"Rite Soft Air" is a softgunner OF STORE FOR softgunner !!!

1. Diego with Mr. Vega (VFC) and Richard all'EXA 2010 at the booth of T & T Srl

2. Diego and Alexandra during a workout.

3. Diego 8h during a race.

4. Diego During a 24h race.

5. Diego during a training course at a neo-team.

6. Diego during a 14h race on the snow.

7. Bastia Umbra Fair 2011

8. Bastia Umbra Fair 2011